We can host programs with basic and related services, including balanced proportions of indoor and outdoor activities.

Meetings, seminars, trainings, team building and adjacent social or relaxation programs.

The Manor includes a training center (up to 150 persons), with all modern facilities.
- Out door events can be organize either in the leisure point (up to 200 persons) or near to the barbeque site (up to 80 persons) or in the yards (garden parties up to 500 persons).
- Out door swimming pool with sun tanning space.
- Cycling, chariot riders, archery, darts, ping pong, hunting, picnics.
- “Original suggestions for programs to motivate and increase the cohesion of work teams: “Grill Academy”, “Cocktail Olympics”, and “Initiation in the art of grapery and wines “etc.
- Initiation in viticulture (grape harvesting, grape must preparation) and traditional household activities.
- Wine, champagne and alcoholic presentation and tasting performed by the best Sommeliers of the country.
- Visits to the best wine cellars from the Dealu Mare region.
- 100% natural food cooked by nun’s receipts with ingredients produced in the neighboring households.
Guarded parking.

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